AI & Ethics Journal

We are pleased to share with you that the AI Transparency Institute received an invitation for a new topical collection from the AI and Ethics Journal from Springer Nature. 

The AI and Ethics Journal is the first, multi-disciplinary AI and Ethics journal in the field. It aims at attracting authors and readers interested in technology, governance, law, society and public policy.

We are pleased to invite the authors of the AI Governance Forum 2022 as well as all researchers interested to submit a research paper on the EU AI Act Proposal – Towards a Global Consensus on Responsible AI.

TitleAI Governance Forum 2022: The EU AI Act – Towards a Global Consensus on Trustworthy AI?
Submission Deadline31 March 2023
Author instructions can be found at
Please note that collection papers follow the same formatting as the original submissions.
Review FormatDouble-Blind Peer Review