AI Governance Forum 2023

Regulating Emerging AI Technologies and Applications

01 December, 2023 | 09:00 – 17:00 CET | Helmholtz Institute Munich

This year, the forum is focused on regulating emerging technologies. The regulation process generally moves slower than the pace at which new technological advancements occur. So, we must try to look ahead and anticipate rather than play catch-up. Towards this goal, we hope to foster a discussion on recent as well as emerging technologies and try to answer how we could govern them in the future and the present to ensure that they remain beneficial to everyone instead of a select few while minimizing their adverse impact on the climate. This includes large language models (LLMs) and quantum technologies.

What is AI Governance Forum?

Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the fifth edition of the AI Governance Forum!

The AI Governance Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform, open to all interested parties and dedicated to building human trust in AI for the benefit of all. Stakeholders can be from the public or private sector, the scientific community, and civil society. The AI Governance Forum considers each stakeholder as an equal partner in the discussion.

The AI Governance Forum is based on the conviction that a collective intelligence process is essential to manage the AI impact on our society. It contributes to building an open artificial intelligence for the benefit of all.

The AI Governance Forum is organized by the AI Transparency Institute – a non-profit organisation, dedicated to AI Governance, Human Trust in AI, and Corporate Digital Responsibility.