Leon Kester

Senior Research Scientist
TNO Netherlands

Dr. Leon Kester is a senior research scientist at TNO Netherlands. He is a transdisciplinary expert working on the safety, security, meta-ethics and governance of high risk AI systems and XR technologies. His transdisciplinary research integrates perspectives from systems engineering, cognitive science and neuroscience, moral psychology, law, moral programming and philosophy of science. 

He is chair of the steering committee of the TNO Appl.AI flagship project “Moral models for AI safety”. In recent years, he has published many papers as well as book chapters (most of them together with his wife Dr. Nadisha-Marie Aliman) on the aforementioned topics. In CEN/CENELEC JTC21 he introduced “Augmented AI system goal specification” for advanced high-risk AI applications. He also represents the Dutch standardization committee (NEN) in the Strategic Advisory Group of JTC21.